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Hillary Clinton Dismays Anna Wintour

• Anna Wintour took Hillary Clinton to task for backing out of her Vogue photo shoot because she feared looking “too feminine.” Wintour: “The notion that a contemporary woman must look mannish in order to be taken seriously as a seeker of power is frankly dismaying.” Ouch. [WWD]
• The Directors Guild showed up the writers in striking, heh, fashion: After just one week of negotiations, the directors struck a deal with the studios that includes the all-important online-video money. The writers are cautious, though, since the last time they followed the directors’ lead they got screwed on the home-video market. [WP]
• Wal-Mart, responsible for 20 percent of all “newsstand” magazine sales, announced it would dump more than 1,000 titles from its shelves. Shocking twist: The New Yorker stays, but Boar Hunter Magazine is out! [NYP]

• Not even Ben Bernanke’s bearded, patrician face could keep the markets at bay — the Dow dropped 307 points yesterday — and it looks like the recession Bernanke said we could avoid is actually already here. [NYT, NYT]
• The NYSE announced a plan to buy the American Stock Exchange for $260 million, including the proceeds from the sale of AmEx’s historic Art Deco building, valued around $90 million. [NYP]
• The retail industry on a collision course with reality? [WSJ]

• Meet Roger Clemens’s new lawyer: Covington & Burling’s Lanny Breuer, the same guy who repped Bill Clinton during the impeachment hearings. [Law Blog/WSJ]
• Do New York lawyers really work harder than everyone else? (Completely unreliable) survey says no! [Above the Law]
• Davis Polk is “pleased to announce that the firm now has a private nursing room!” Exclamation mark in original! [Above the Law]

• What’s Hedi Slimane been up to? Shooting Pete Doherty, of course! (With a camera, not a needle, people.) [WWD]
• Agyness Deyn is the face of Giles Deacon’s Gold line. We’re positively shocked! [British Vogue]
• Heidi Klum is gracing the runways with her presence this Fashion Week. She’s catwalking for charity at Heart Truth. [Fashionista]

Hillary Clinton Dismays Anna Wintour