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Hillary Clinton Is Going to Get So Busted by Anna Wintour

• Hillary Clinton pulled out of a Vogue shoot this past fall because she was afraid of looking too feminine, and editor Anna Wintour subsequently wrote an editor’s letter about how disappointed she was. Now, Hillary’s in Bazaar’s February issue, wearing a miniskirt and platform heels! (That bears repeating: A miniskirt and platform heels.)* Anna’s going to be pissed. [WWD]
• Sam Zell has ordered that the Tribune’s Internet content filters be removed. “I do not see how a member of the Fourth Estate, dedicated to protecting the First Amendment, can censor what its own employees and partners can see,” he writes. “You are now exposed to the dangers of YouTube and Facebook. Please use your best judgment.” Also, apparently if said judgment compels you to send internal communications to Romenesko, so be it. [Romenesko]
• The WGA took two big demands off the table — unionization for animated movies and reality TV — and negotiations may now finally focus on paying writers for digital content. [LAT]

• The Davos World Economic Forum begins today, and the hottest tickets are all invite-only: breakfast with Pervez Musharaff or the Google guys, dinner with Tony Blair. Private parties, now that’s what we call free trade! [DealBook/NYT]
• Fake Ben Bernanke: “The bigger the rate cut, the harder Wall Street falls in love with me.” [News Groper]
• Employees of Wall Street firms are the single largest source of campaign cash, accounting for $50.4 million in contributions so far this election cycle. Which means if the stock market crashes, something really terrible could happen to John Edwards’s hair. [WSJ]

• Fifty-five lawyers left New York firm Anderson Kill for Pittsburgh–based Reed Smith after the two firm’s merger talks broke down. Don’t worry, they’re not actually moving to Pittsburgh. [Law Blog/WSJ]
• What kind of “extremely inappropriate personal conduct” was former Kasowitz partner Jeremy Pitcock dismissed for? Did it have something to do with his name? And why don’t his new bosses at Morgan & Finnegan care? [Law Blog/WSJ]
• Justice Breyer’s tortured butter-logic: “When I call out to my wife, ‘There isn’t any butter,’ I do not mean, ‘There isn’t any butter in town.’ The context makes clear to her that I am talking about the contents of our refrigerator.… The butter is staring me in the face, but because I am a man, I can’t find it.” [Legal Times]

• Is Kirsten Dunst getting in on the designing game? She’s apparently doing a line for Lutz + Patmos. We somehow imagine skinny jeans and bed head will be involved. [Fashionista]
• The backdrop at the Chanel couture show was a 75-foot Chanel jacket. Now how cool would it be if, afterwards, they did a Christo and hung it in Central Park? Maybe draped it over the Boathouse? It does get chilly in winter… [Fashionologie]
• The president of J.Crew resigned yesterday. Did the lobster-embroidered chinos hasten his demise? We should think so. [WWD]

*Okay, we read that wrong, Hillary appears “alongside a model wearing a miniskirt and platform heels.” Which makes way more sense.

Hillary Clinton Is Going to Get So Busted by Anna Wintour