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Iowa Changes Everything


Are they even tired of themselves?Photo: Getty Images

Every single political candidate, at some point in this primary season, has talked earnestly about change. It’s a standard part of political rhetoric, harping upon the populace’s general mistrust for whatever current government has lately been in power. Even Hillary Clinton, with her recent-president husband over her shoulder, talks frequently about “shaking up Washington” and “making a difference.” But while nobody was looking, it seems like Iowa voters were finally listening. Last night they made a push to challenge political assumptions and long-accepted truths about money and Establishment. When Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama rocketed to decisive visits in the caucuses, the conventional wisdom was that, well, conventional wisdom itself had been shaken up. At least, that’s what the press thinks. Take a look at today’s headlines:

The Status Quo Lost, and Change Won [The Nation]
Two Newcomers Jolt Parties’ Status Quo [NYT]
Establishment Gets a Jolt [Seattle Times]

The Conventional Wisdom Defied [WP]
The 16-Year Itch [WSJ]
No Longer Politics As Usual [NYDN]
Not Taking It Anymore [NY Post]

If last night’s acceptance speeches were any indication, the status quo is indeed tired. Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney, long running on Establishment cred and “de facto candidate” momentum, looked deflated and discouraged. Rudy Giuliani, the other anointed GOP candidate, wasn’t even part of the dialogue. Mike Huckabee, however, was jubilant and rousing (as distracting as Chuck Norris’s teeth behind him may have been). And Barack Obama, well, his speech wasn’t presidential. It was just plain fun.

Iowa Changes Everything