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Jake Tapper Gloat? Never!

Jake Tapper

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What do you think ABC correspondent/onetime Monica Lewinsky dater Jake Tapper’s greatest fantasy is? Knocking back grape Jell-O shots in a bathtub of Cool Whip, accompanied by the women of Juggs? Yeah, that’s what we thought, too. But apparently it’s just being named number one of the “Top 20 Most Heavily-Used Reporters” by the Tyndall Report, a Website that chronicles such things. The Observer caught up with Tapper — who, while covering the 2000 election for Salon, reportedly handed a USA Today reporter a piece of his chewed gum, and told her it would be “worth something someday” — in D.C. recently, and, according to them, he “refused to gloat” over the honor. “There’s a line in Broadcast News — what do you do when all your dreams are realized?” he told the Observer. “And Albert Brooks says, ‘Keep it to yourself.’ That’s kind of what I’m living right now.” Yeah, except you just said — oh, never mind.

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Jake Tapper Gloat? Never!