Jerry Stiller Forgot His Manties!

Jerry Stiller

Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Jerry Stiller said he had a senior moment when he exited the locker room at the Jewish Community Center on Amsterdam sans bathing suit. Peter Brant, who bought out his ex-wife’s half of Interview magazine last week, is pleased to have traded Ingrid Sischy for Glenn O’Brien. On Friday, Lindsay Lohan drank vodka at the Box and at the Beatrice Inn while partying with Stavros Niarchos and Brody Jenner before returning to the Four Seasons Hotel to spend the night with Niarchos. Eli Manning and fiancée Abby McGraw ate dinner at Il Mulino in the Village (he got a standing ovation when he left). At the Plumm, Tracy Morgan ordered two bottles of Champagne, ripped off his shirt and started dancing on the banquette, seemingly lost his credit card, found it in his pocket, and then asked a waitress if he could father her baby. Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher ate at Café Gray.

Two apartments sold at 1040 Fifth Avenue for a total of $47 million. Kathy Griffin was (again) banned from appearing on The View for insulting Barbara Walters in her act. Blade Runner actress Sean Young, who was once accused of harassing James Woods, was thrown out of the Directors Guild of America bash on Saturday for heckling Julian Schnabel. Director Paul Morrissey is making his first fiction film in twenty years with a bunch of old Warhol regulars. Salacious pics of 15-year-old Disney star Miley Cyrus have surfaced online. Claudia Schiffer may or may not have gotten new lips. In the Valley of Elah actress Frances Fisher frequently pickets on behalf of the striking writers. Barbara Walters and Candice Bergen ate lobster salads at Bistro Chat Noir. Lance Bass raised money for the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network in Miami.

Jerry Stiller Forgot His Manties!