Mary Jo Buttafuoco Fires Back at Amy Fisher

Amy Fisher

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Mary Jo Buttafuoco, who is working a memoir about being shot by Amy Fisher, thinks the Long Island Lolita is trashy for cashing in on the fame she got from almost killing her. Patricia Clarkson and Gone Baby Gone actress Amy Ryan have seen each other “butt-ass naked.” Larry Birkhead’s former attorney claims that he still owes her over $1 million in legal fees. Candace Bushnell’s former manager’s Sex and the City tell-all includes the news that Darren Star passed on casting Ashton Kutcher because, he said, “I don’t see this kid going anywhere.”

Norman Mailer wrote a green-card recommendation letter for Tina Brown. Jets owner Woody Johnson accompanied John McCain to a speech at Dartmouth. Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo chose to vacation in Mexico, narrowly missing Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo in Costa Rica. New Hampshire senator John Sununu performed the Heimlich on Bloomberg News’ Al Hunt after he chocked on a piece of chicken. Reese Witherspoon sends her kids to the movie set early so that they don’t have to deal with the paparazzi. Universal is paying Sacha Baron Cohen $15 million and giving him a 15 percent cut of the box-office return on Bruno, his next character comedy. Lou Dobbs threw a hissy fit at CNN over his lack of airtime and backed out of the network’s Iowa-caucus coverage. The standard price for a room at Robert De Niro’s Greenwich Hotel is $725 a night. Kate Moss took her daughter out on New Year’s Eve because she couldn’t find a babysitter, but she acted responsibly. A Saudi diplomat advised Nicolas Sarkozy to leave girlfriend Carla Bruni behind when the French president visits the country. A-Rod and wife Cynthia ate at Kobe Club. Cindy Adams hasn’t been writing her column ‘cause she’s been in Tahiti.

Mary Jo Buttafuoco Fires Back at Amy Fisher