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McCain Vanquishes Giuliani on His Home Turf


Photo Illustration: Everett Bogue; Photos: Getty Images

So last night, John McCain waltzed into New York, picked up $1 million for his presidential campaign, and waltzed right back out again. How could he be so bold as to infringe on his party mate Rudy Giuliani’s turf? “It’s the Willie Sutton syndrome,” he said at a press conference in Florida, referring to the bank robber of the thirties. “They asked him why he robbed banks, and he said it’s because that’s where the money is.” His timing was certainly good. Results of a Quinnipiac University poll yesterday showed that among New York Republicans, Giuliani, who last month surpassed McCain, is now neck and neck with the Arizona senator. And another poll released yesterday reported that McCain actually has a slim lead over the former New York mayor, whose numbers have been dropping, in part owing to dwindling finances — his staff has been going unpaid this month to save money. “I don’t believe Republicans should be attacking each other,” Rudes told a crowd in Palm Beach yesterday, right around the time that McCain, up north, was rummaging through his pockets. Poor Caesar!

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McCain Vanquishes Giuliani on His Home Turf