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Meredith Viera Plays the Sinbad Card

Meredith Viera: “But when you mention something like Bosnia people have responded, yeah, but she went to Bosnia, for example, with Sinbad.”

Hillary Clinton [Trying to act like this is not the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to her since Monica]: “That’s right, mmmm-mm.”

Meredith Viera [Making frustrated noises]: “That wasn’t really establishing any kind of foreign policy.”

Hillary Clinton: “Oh, you know…”

Meredith Viera: [Practically snorting with laughter now]: “I mean, I’m not saying that traveling to a war-ravished country with a guy who played the condom in Malcolm Jamal-Warner’s classic after-school special Time Out: The Truth About HIV, AIDS, and You wasn’t an experience, it’s just probably not the kind of experience the American people are looking for in their next president.”

(Actually, she didn’t say that last thing. But she might as well have. And the rest is real.)

Meredith Viera Plays the Sinbad Card