More ‘Gossip Girl’ Locations Explained!

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Wait, wait, wait. Are we to infer that these people
are waiting for a bus? No, no, no…Photo Courtesy The CW

Apparently we are not the only people feeling withdrawal from the Greatest Show of Our Time. Today unveils its “Gossip Girl Guide to New York.” In it, they run through several things we know (the club “Victrola” was actually the Box; Chuck tried ply Serena for sex with a grilled cheese from Gilt), but it also explains a few things we didn’t know. For example:

• Rufus Humphrey’s art showroom is really the Front Room Gallery on Roebling Street in Williamsburg.
• Vanessa works at Communitea in Long Island City (come on, we might believe that Blair & Co. could find Brooklyn, but this is a bit of a stretch).
• The Eleanor Waldorf Boutique is in fact Rubin Chappelle in the meatpacking district.
• In the pilot, Blair and Nate have dinner at Geisha.
• The “Kiss on the Lips” Party is actually at the Foundry in Long Island City.

Back in December, the producers of Gossip Girl told us much of the filming goes on in Long Island City, so the locations there should come as no surprise. But as time goes by, we can only hope the rest of the great riddles of Gossip Girl are explained. You know, so we can be prepared for next fall when the show comes back from boarding school unexpected, and we fall in love all over again.

The ‘Gossip Girl’ Guide to New York [Gridskipper]

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More ‘Gossip Girl’ Locations Explained!