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Lou Dobbs Pulls a Bloomberg


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Though New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has been hogging all of the attention, he’s not the only one who’s been by flirting with entering the presidential race while coyly denying it (or, as David Remnick rather grossly put it in an editorial in the New Yorker this week, keeping “the interest of the press well fluffed”). As we mentioned back in November, CNN demagogue Lou Dobbs also dipped a toe into the stream, when he published a column on his Website about how a mysterious third-party candidate just may enter the race. The Wall Street Journal checks in with Dobbs today. “I haven’t got the personality or nature to be a politician,” he told them. Well, that’s that, right? But then! A teaser. “I cannot say never.” Not even when it involves giving rights to illegal aliens, Lou?

Here we go again. This reminds us: What’s Al Gore doing these days?

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Lou Dobbs Pulls a Bloomberg