Philippe Starck Pans the New Royalton Lobby

Philippe Starck

Photo: Getty Images

Philippe Starck doesn’t like the $17.5 million redesign to the Royalton Hotel, which he once designed. Heatherette isn’t having a show this Fashion Week, and Richie Rich may be out for good! Russian model Natalia Vodianova had what may be her last catwalk during the final Valentino show in Paris and plans to take the designer to Moscow for a week and then to Brazil for Carnivale. Contrary to rumors, Puff “Diddy” Daddy says he is not considering changing his name back to Sean Combs. Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos hung out at the Beatrice Inn. Michael Richards and a blonde girl ate at a vegan restaurant at Columbus Circle. Cindy Adams claims that the writers’ strike will be over in two weeks and that Mayor Bloomberg is 50-50 about whether to run for president. Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner and boyfriend Matt Nye just had twins via surrogate parent. New York Times writer Alex Kuczynski will have a baby via surrogate mother in April.

An impostor has been posing as Oz star Dean Winters in order to get pick up girls and get free stuff. Philly D.J. Chris Booker is considering taking a job in New York and may bring his cop-slugging girlfriend, Alycia Lane. Britney Spears’s “manager” Sam Lufti had three restraining orders taken out against him before befriending Spears. Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio will be in the 2008 Victoria’s Secret catalogue despite the fact that she’s three months pregnant. Quentin Tarantino and Sandra Oh almost missed a party at Sundance because the car they were in broke down on the side of a mountain (a fan ended up driving them). Nutty French prince Prince Fredric von Anhalt may be the man behind Francesca Hilton’s fake MySpace page. A rep for the Church of Scientology claims that the leaked Tom Cruise video was actually a good thing because it brought people to the Church’s Website. Male guests at the Dorchester in London are complaining that their high-class call girls can’t get into the hotel because Pakistani president Perez Musharraf is also staying there. Brad Pitt’s rep didn’t deny that he and Angelia Jolie were expecting twins.

Philippe Starck Pans the New Royalton Lobby