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Photos of Ledger’s Dead Body May Be Up for Grabs

Heath Ledger

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A flurry of Heath Ledger stories last night and this morning have thrown the tabloids into a tizzy. After a report yesterday in Us Weekly that claimed Michelle Williams had driven Ledger all the way up to the door of Promises rehab facility in Los Angeles, only to have the Australian star refuse to get out of the car, today the Daily News spoke with Ledger’s rep. Mara Buxbaum, the beleaguered publicist who has been slaving away over Ledger’s affairs even after his death, claims the Us story is “just one lie among many.” And that’s not the only tale Buxbaum’s been battling.

• After pressure from Buxbaum and her publicity company, ID PR, Entertainment Tonight and the Insider canceled plans to air a video of Heath doing cocaine at the Chateau Marmont last year. Moments from the video were teased on last night’s episodes. [EW]
• The Post claims it wasn’t just cocaine and pot that Heath used regularly. They spoke with a member of his posse who claimed to have done heroin with him regularly and have witnessed him on several-day benders. A friend in the Daily News disputes this, saying he only smoked pot. [NYP]

• But the News does say that once at a party for Naomi Campbell, Ledger locked himself in a closet “and only allowed certain guests to enter.” Buxbaum calls this story “heinous.” [NYDN]
• And perhaps the biggest (and most upsettingly predictable) bombshell of all comes buried in Cindy Adams’s column: “Supposedly, his body was snapped,” she writes, “and $300,000 is the price on that photo.” No comment from Buxbaum on this. [NYP]

Photos of Ledger’s Dead Body May Be Up for Grabs