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Roger Ailes Is Chesty, Related to Lucifer. Maybe.


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Many of you may not know Dan Cooper. He’s a sort-of-disgruntled former employee of the Fox News Channel who worked through its launch in 1996 and 1997 (according to his Website, he helped figure out how to get “truly local weather to be placed in a ‘bug’ in the corner of the screen”). He’s been writing a book about the experience, called Naked Launch, which is apparently pretty scathing to FNC co-creator Roger Ailes. Jossip hears that he’s about to set part of his criticism on his Website later today, including this gem:

The best thing that ever happened to Roger Ailes was 9/11. Even Roger Ailes, Machiavellian as he was, couldn’t have dreamed up anybody as fabulous as Usama bin Laden (Allah told Roger to spell it Usama), or UBL, as Fox News called him. Because somebody up there, or down there, loved Roger, 9/11 happened on his watch. It gave him the opportunity to throw gasoline on the bonfire he had already set to scorch and destroy traditional liberal values. For those of you under 50, the United States once had liberal values. There was even such a thing as liberal Republicans. That’s enough of that, because I know talking about the Devil’s spawn and blond big-boobed temptresses is far more interesting. But hang on a bit.

On 9/11 and Ailes, well, duh. But we kind of love Roger Ailes for what he’s done with the Fox Business Network of Joy and for being so unashamed about everything Foxy. Still, “Devil’s spawn” and “big-boobed temptresses”? We’d totally buy a book about him if it were written in the voice of Anne Rice!

Former Roger Ailes Confidant Dan Cooper is Ready to Spill Blood [Jossip]

Roger Ailes Is Chesty, Related to Lucifer. Maybe.