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Rupert Murdoch to Keep ‘WSJ’ Website Pay-Only


Ha-ha, changed my mind.” Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Since his acquisition of The Wall Street Journal, Rupert Murdoch has been flirting with the idea of freeing the paper’s subscription-only content from behind its, er, wall. “That looks like the way we’re going,” he told Reuters back in September. But today in Davos, he announced that he’d changed his mind. While the Journal plans to expand their free online content, he said, “the really special things will still be a subscription service and, sorry to tell you, probably more expensive.” And, just like that, he totally kicked off what will surely become a massive internal competition over whose story is “special” enough to be paid for. He’s so smart and evil we can hardly stand it.

Wall Street Journal Web Site To Remain Subscription-Based [WSJ]

Rupert Murdoch to Keep ‘WSJ’ Website Pay-Only