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‘Schneighbors’ Goes to the Dark Side


The stars of Schneighbors shop together, play together, and live together! Photo: Patrick McMullan

You remember our favorite reality program, Schneighbors? It stars Julian Schnabel and a rotating cast of members of New York’s aging bohemian bourgeoisie and is set mainly at the Palazzo Chupi, the pink palace in the West Village where Schnabel lives with Richard Gere. Right, the show that exists only in our heads. Anyway, we normally think of Schneighbors as a heartfelt comedy, Cocoon–meets-Friends–meets–Three’s Company. But the other night, it took a dive into Six Feet Under territory. “When I die,” Ross Bleckner said to Webster Hall’s Baird Jones at Schnabel’s opening for his series “Navigation Drawings,” at the Sperone Westwater Gallery, “I want my ashes to be mixed into paint and have my friends use that paint in their work. I will be given to my friends like Julian Schnabel, Eric Fischl, Brice Marden, Cy Twombly, Lucian Freud, and Tom Sachs.” That’s funny! Us, too!

Now That’s Art to Die For [NYDN]

‘Schneighbors’ Goes to the Dark Side