S.J.P. and M.B. Have a Spat on the C/E

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Brokerick

Photo: Getty Images

Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker got into a fight on the platform of the downtown C/E train at 23rd Street. Alpha Media head Kent Brownridge married Hearst publicity head Alexandra Carlin at the Gordon Ramsay restaurant. Artie Lange tried unsuccessfully to get four Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders to disrobe on the Howard Stern show. A lot of foodies showed up at the preview of Alain Ducasse’s wine-themed restaurant, Adour, in the St. Regis. Bruce Springsteen waited a half hour for a lunch table at the Turning Point in Long Branch. Cindy Adams says Heath Ledger once tried to avoid her by saying, “You people from the press are not nice to me,” but that he smiled while saying it. Liz Smith approves of the fact that Jenna Bush is getting married in Crawford, Texas, and not the White House.

Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon filed a $10 million lawsuit against her estranged mom for breach of contract regarding the sale of her shoe empire. Sly Stallone denies ever taking steroids, but says he did take HGH to bulk up for the new Rambo movie. Tracey Edmonds broke up with Eddie Murphy because, she said, he was “bossy,” “physically demanding,” and wanted to bring his mom on their honeymoon. Product developer Chris Hayes says he’s being “bullied” by hairstylist John Barrett because Barrett shut him out of a hair-care line he developed. After actually showing up for her emergency hearing yesterday, Britney Spears made it to the metal detector of the courtroom before leaving. George Clooney is either trying to broker peace for the striking writers or trying to broker peace in Darfur (he may have gotten sick if it’s the latter). Someone claiming to be Lindsay Lohan’s coke dealer says he has a lot of other celebrity clients, but won’t name them. Delta Airlines threw a party at the Sundance Film Festival for the cast of Mysteries of Pittsburgh, but only Mena Suvari showed up (and she took the gift bag and bounced). Charlize Theron understandably didn’t want to do press at Sundance after learning of Heath Ledger’s death. Amy Winehouse, in addition to her legal troubles, still can’t secure a visa in order to perform at the Grammy Awards. Real-estate agent Raphael De Niro, son of Robert De Niro and Diahnne Abbott, is set to marry fellow real-estate agent Claudine DeMatos at the Ocean Club in the Bahamas in March. Fifty-seven-year-old Rush Limbaugh has been dating a 31-year-old events planner for the past six months. Oscar support for Denzel Washington likely was split between The Great Debaters and American Gangster.

S.J.P. and M.B. Have a Spat on the C/E