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Linda Stein’s Assistant Looks Even More Guilty


Photo: Gregory Mango/Polaris

It’s been a while since we checked in with Natavia Lowry, the 26-year-old personal assistant accused of killing her employer, realtor Linda Stein. Despite the fact that her family says Lowery was an “angel” who did such saintlike things as founding a youth group for low-income teens and visiting retirement homes, police seem pretty sure that she was the one who beat Stein to death with a yoga stick back in October, and she’s been denied bail, despite the fact that she’s pregnant. Today, the Post reports that the entire time she was working for Stein, Lowery was withdrawing tens of thousands of dollars from ATMs using Stein’s account and funneling the cash to her boyfriend in Virginia Beach. Which kind of puts a hole in her “angel” rep, makes Lowery’s “a ninja did it” defense look even less likely, and makes you wonder what she was doing at those retirement homes after all.

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Linda Stein’s Assistant Looks Even More Guilty