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The Press Feels Bad It Made Hillary Sad


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Last night’s Hillary victory raised a lot of questions, to be sure. Specifically, it put into the limelight the role of women in this primary season — and the way that woman candidates are covered. Check out a sampling of headlines from this morning:

Can Hillary Cry Her Way Back to the White House? [NYT]
Clinton Camp Goes From Glum to Giddy [LA Times]
A Clinton Wake Becomes a Revival [USA Today]

Almost everyone emphasizes that she was sad, and now she’s happy. As though that’s what matters the most, how Hillary feels. Now, it may be her fault for near-crying in the first place, but all of a sudden, the candidate who was the most robotic is the emotional heart of this race. Look at her face! She’s happy! (And perhaps a little demented!) We did something good to cheer mom up! We’re not sure that the crying was responsible for Clinton’s surge among women in New Hampshire (how quickly we forget that Obama had America’s real woman-in-chief, Oprah, stumping for him in Iowa). But we do know this: If Hillary wants to keep women caring about how she feels, she’s going to have to rethink those outfits. Because that whole Talbots–Meets–Madame Chiang Kai-shek thing is enough to turn ‘em away like OxyClean on a tough stain.

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The Press Feels Bad It Made Hillary Sad