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The Seth Tobias Case: Now With Voodoo!

Filomena and Seth

That voodoo that you do! (Maybe?)Photo: nypost.com

Late on Friday, the brothers of Seth Tobias, the New York hedge-fund manager who drowned in his swimming pool in Palm Beach this past September, filed a motion to bar his ex-wife, Filomena, a.k.a. Phyllis Tobias, from collecting any of her husband’s $25 million estate. The brothers allege that Tobias was preparing to divorce his wife and that she feared it might mean an end to her “hugely expensive” lifestyle. “Seth was worth substantially more to (her) dead than he was alive, and she knew that,” their attorneys told CNBC. Meanwhile, Tobias’s ex-aide, a former pimp named Bill Ash, and his attorney, Debra Opri (whose former clients include Larry Birkhead and Pamela Bach, the ex-wife of David Hasselhoff), have been claiming Filomena confessed to Ash that she drugged Tobias and lured him into the swimming pool with promises of kinky sex with a male go-go dancer named Tiger, and now they’ve elaborated on even that: They’re saying Filomena hired a Caribbean voodoo priestess named Madam Simbi M’Arue to put a spell on her husband before his death. And as anyone who has ever seen The Serpent and the Rainbow knows, when a voodoo is involved, no one is safe! Ash told the Daily News today that Filomena had paid the priestess $18,000 “to put a curse on me recently so I would die,” before he was able to testify. Wow. Money, greed, go-go dancers, murder, and now voodoo? You can’t make this shit up. Or can you? Filomena’s lawyer calls the claims “nonsense.”

Did we mention her lawyer is also her ex-husband?

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The Seth Tobias Case: Now With Voodoo!