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‘Times,’ Toilet Meet Cute


Aslan? Is that you in there?”Photo: Gerald Holubowicz / Polaris

When we heard about futuristic new self-cleaning public toilets that the city unveiled, we went right to our favorite sources for this type of coverage. “WHAT A RELIEF,” the Daily News said, under a headline that read: “AND A-WEE WE GO” The Post led with “Helle-LOO-jah,” and a headline of “TOILET IS GOOD TOGO.’” But imagine our surprise when we found that the best write-up of all was in the New York Times. They go through the experience of using the toilet in detail, in a style that can only be described as architectural-review-meets-anthropological-study:

There are two architectural flourishes, both on the roof: a small pyramid of glass, like a little model of the Louvre, and an anachronistic metal stovepipe, reminiscent of a cozy shanty or an old outhouse with a crescent moon carved into the door…

There is no seat to raise or lower, just the wide rim of the bowl, with covers made of tissue available in a dispenser to the side. Sitting down is a leap of faith, like falling backwards into a stranger’s arms at a corporate team-building retreat.

That’s right. Run, don’t walk, to Madison Square Park to check this baby out yourself!

Greetings, Earthlings. Your New Restroom is Ready [NYT]
Update: Someone just pointed out to us that the Times story was billed as a “Facilities Review.” Amazing. Do you think they had to use the toilet six times before they could review it?

‘Times,’ Toilet Meet Cute