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Tina Brown to Publish a New ‘Chronicles’

Tina Brown and Hillary Clinton

This is what they call, in publishing terms, something that is “too easy.”Photo: Getty Images

It was a mere two days ago that we were callously ringing the death knell of Tina Brown. And, lo, today we hear that she is not, in fact, dead: She’s just working on another book that everybody has already written! To follow up her hugely successful Diana Chronicles, Brown will be writing a definitive tome on, get this, THE CLINTONS. We’d make a joke about how this topic is so overdone, but for all of the copies of Chronicles Brown sold, she was clearly the one laughing all the way to the bank. “Tina Brown will take on the Bill and Hillary Clinton era in The Clinton Chronicles to be edited by Phyllis Grann and published in 2010,” reports Publishers Weekly. This raises two questions: First, is every book of hers from now on going to be called a Chronicles? And, second, the Clinton era will be over by 2010. Does Tina know something we don’t?

Tina Brown to Write ‘The Clinton Chronicles’ for Doubleday [PW]
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Tina Brown to Publish a New ‘Chronicles’