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Washington Stimulates Us, Tentatively, With Its Package


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Oh, yeah. House leaders and the White House this morning reached a tentative agreement on the economic-stimulus package that Bloomberg was so crotchety about yesterday. They’re pledging $150 billion of government funds, to be doled out to the American public in the form of tax incentives for businesses and rebates of $300–$1,200 per family, provided you make less than $150,000. Don’t go buying that boat — or, er, inflatable raft? — just yet, though. The plan may not fly with the Democrats in the Senate, who would like a package that includes plans for infrastructure projects and unemployment benefits. It also may not work, since (a) $300 is actually not a lot of money and (b) everyone in America will probably do what we’re planning on doing with our influx of cash, which is turn it into gold and squirrel it away in our mattresses in preparation for the end times.

Tentative Deal on Economic Stimulus Plan [NYT]

Washington Stimulates Us, Tentatively, With Its Package