We KNEW We Recognized That Bubble Butt!

Sean Palmer

Photo: Joan Marcus

So, we went to The Little Mermaid last night. And, as one does, we went home and watched an episode of Sex and the City on TBS as we got ready for bed. Now, we know we’re not first to notice this, but we couldn’t help but be distracted by the fact that the dashingly heterosexual Prince Eric from Mermaid is actually the very same person as the cringingly homosexual Marcus on SATC! You remember, Stanford’s “Broadway-caliber dancer” boyfriend? In real life, the actor goes by the name of Sean Palmer. It was, as they say, nearly a gay trifecta. Then, as we watched a second episode of SATC, we saw another familiar face. Playing the role of a guy who dumps Miranda when he finds out she has a kid was none other than Robert John Burke. That’s right: Chuck’s dad from Gossip Girl!!

Okay, someone hose us down now before we set fire to our cubicle.

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We KNEW We Recognized That Bubble Butt!