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Which Republican Will Instantly Restore America’s Furious Economic Might?


McCain: “It’s the economy, stu — how’s that go?”Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Tonight’s Republican debate in Florida could tip voters one way or another in what is basically a four-way race (though the latest polls show McCain and Romney, about even, putting distance between themselves and Giuliani and Huckabee, also about even). With recession looming, everyone wants to know who’s going to perform a miracle on the economy once in office. The pundits, for their part, have humbly offered up their opinions on the candidates with the best fiscal credentials.

• It might behoove Florida voters to read Ruth Marcus’s rundown of each candidate’s stimulus plan. [WP]

• Steve Forbes writes that Giuliani offers the “best tax plan” and is the “best spokesman for advancing the tax reform cause.” [WSJ]

• Robert Novak thinks the GOP should follow McCain’s lead on eliminating earmarks. [Town Hall]

• McCain’s fiscal responsibility was also complimented by none other than Mitt Romney in his book, Mark Ambinder discovers. [The Atlantic]

• At the same time, Kate Shepherd questions McCain’s fondness for Bush’s tax cuts, which he opposed four years ago but is promoting on the trail. [The American Prospect]

• Matthew Yglesias questions whether McCain knows anything about economic policy. [The Atlantic]

• At least someone is buying Romney’s businessman pitch: One of Fred Thompson’s main Florida fund-raiser’s moves to Romney’s camp. [The Hill] —Dan Amira

Which Republican Will Instantly Restore America’s Furious Economic Might?