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Woody Allen Doesn’t Mind That No One Puts Him in Their Movies. Really!

Woody Allen

Other roles Allen might play: Father, The Carrie
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Woody Allen’s Cassandra’s Dream, which opens Friday, is his fourth movie in a row that was shot outside of New York. The city, he thinks, is losing its character. “There are certain areas that have not been encroached upon too much — Carnegie Hill, the West Village, Tudor City, places that are still lovely to look at,” he told the Daily News this weekend. “But once they put up those big new buildings, it looks the same as Houston.” Despite his disapproval, he’s preparing a new movie that will shoot here this spring, although he hasn’t said what it’s about, or whether he’ll be in it. He is not in Cassandra. Which brings up a funny point: Even though he’s starred in plenty of his own films, people don’t really think of Woody Allen as an actor, and he’s only been in a couple of movies he did not direct. Why not? “No one ever really offers me anything,” he told the Daily News. “I think I’m an ideal person to fill a certain void,” he said. Maybe it’s because he always plays himself. But even that could be funny, in the right role. “If you were casting a guy vaguely my age and wanted either, you know, a slimy little New York bookmaker or a New York sportswriter or a psychoanalyst or a professor … there are any number of things that I’d be very right for, and could be amusing in,” he said. “But for some reason — and again this is not something that bothers me, just mentioning it as a fact — no one ever calls me for anything, ever.” Well, it seems like someone should cast Woody Allen as something. How about as a revered but aging filmmaker who ends up marrying his own adopted daughter? Now that would be amusing.

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Woody Allen Doesn’t Mind That No One Puts Him in Their Movies. Really!