Worker Killed at Trump Soho Was ‘Hardworking,’ ‘Always Smiling’

Yuriy Vanchytskyy


The worker who was killed on Monday in the accident at the Trump Soho was identified by the Times this morning. Yuriy Vanchytskyy was a Ukrainian immigrant who lived in a Greenpoint walk-up, below a bunch of hipsters and above the Pakistani couple who owned the building. By all accounts, he seemed nice: He helped his landlady take out the trash, she said, and a co-worker at DiFama Concrete, the subcontractor at Trump Soho, describes him as a “hard working brother; always smiling.” He had a wife and three children. The Times also found that Vanchytskyy wasn’t the first DiFama employee to be killed on the job: In 2004, a worker fell 60 feet from a crane at the Lumiere, the condo building on 53rd Street, and since then DiFama — whose clients have included William Beaver House and 15 Central Park West — has received seventeen federal violations. Seven of them were related to issues relating to fall protection.

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Worker Killed at Trump Soho Was ‘Hardworking,’ ‘Always Smiling’