Amy Fisher: Bullet in the Head, Silicone in the Boobs — Same Diff

Amy Fisher

Photo: WireImage

Amy Fisher is unbothered that the bullet she fired into the head of Mary Joe Buttafuoco is still lodged in her brain. “I feel no sympathy for Mary Jo,” she said. “I still have silicone in my boobs, and you don’t hear me complaining. She can’t feel her bullet, and I can’t feel my silicone.” Gwyneth Paltrow said that she and hubby Chris Martin are open to adopting a baby but that they’d likely get it from Brooklyn instead of Africa. Don’t you know? It’s CNN that is biased! They’re the ones who have a problem with letting Fox News anchors appear on their shows, despite the fact that Fox News lets CNN anchors appear on its programs, the Rupert Murdoch–owned Post tells us. They’re probably just scared. Pussies.

Scarlett Johansson was looking at wedding dresses! Could she be engaged to her boyfriend, former Alanis Morrisette dater Ryan Reynolds? Some paparazzi have stopped following Britney Spears around because the competitive crush for good photos has made it too dangerous. Jason Reitman says there likely won’t be a sequel to Juno. Clinton fund-raiser Mehmet Celebi has a producing credit on 2006’s Valley of the Wolves, which some feel is anti-Semitic. Only three of fourteen Port-A-Potties were working at Zac Posen’s show, which caused quite the backup among guests. Tim Rice says that he and Andrew Lloyd Webber will probably never reunite. Rudy Giuliani is supporting John McCain’s presidential bid, but it’s unclear if McCain would support his loyalty by awarding him a Cabinet position. People are grossed out that “Rich and Famous Tours” has made Heath Ledger’s Broome Street apartment a stop. Vanity Fair, which canceled its famed Oscar party on account of the writers’ strike, might have been having second thoughts about the venue (Craft) because it was far away from the Kodak Theatre and felt “corporate.” Paul McCartney is claiming in court that he lost money on his last global tour in 2002, though ex-wife Heather Mills is arguing he made millions. Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas had a little trouble after he decided to shave himself, uh, down there. Steakhouse owner Ben Benson married longtime girlfriend, model Anna Dalva, at his East Side apartment. Prince drank bottled water and sat with a girl he didn’t talk to in the VIP room of L.A. club Goa (he also requested all the lights be turned off.)

Amy Fisher: Bullet in the Head, Silicone in the Boobs — Same Diff