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Amy Sedaris and Justin Theroux Exchange Weird Photos, Old Douche Bags

Amy Sedaris, Justin Theroux, and Callie Thorne

Callie Thorne, Amy Sedaris, and Justin Theroux, transacting.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Anyone who follows the wacky downtown crowd knows that Strangers With Candy genius-slash-cupcake maker Amy Sedaris and actor Justin Theroux (Broken English) are, like, total munchie buds. So last Friday night, it wasn’t a surprise to see them both: We were at the opening for the eerily named “Sometimes Comes Mother, Sometimes Comes Wolf,” an Adidas-sponsored installation by Theroux and designer Douglas Little. Open daily through February 9, the installation, which sits on Broome Street between Ludlow and Essex, is a big, iridescent modern blue box on the outside and a Victorian apartment on the inside, full of creepy curiosities, many of them from Theroux’s own apartment, like a terrifying pile of ventriloquist’s dummies, various stuffed bats, and, poignantly dumped on a velvet pillow, the cremated remains of Pooma, Theroux’s beloved pit bull, who died a few weeks ago.

Outside the installation, which quickly became infested with hipsters like the MisShapes kids and bearded Sting-spawn Jake Sumner, Amy Sedaris sat with her bud Callie Thorne, of the TV show Rescue Me, selling her cute cupcakes at $3 a pop. So, we asked her, Justin likes to collect weird, old things, huh? “We have that in common,” she said. “I have a beautiful picture of a baby with syphilis, and he’s the only one I could give it to. And when I die, he wants my picture of my baby with rickets.”

In return, she said, Theroux had given her “a makeup kit for dead people.” Not to mention … “Hey Justin,” she called the actor. “Remember that odd thing you gave me? Something to do with a woman’s — it was really nasty.” Theroux, who said that Ben Stiller was directing a movie he’d written called Tropic Thunder, chimed in: “It was a really old douche bag,” he said. “Honestly. Metal implements and everything. I think it even had a tube of cream in it, didn’t it? Used cream.” We asked Sedaris where she kept it. “In my bathroom in a cabinet at the bottom,” she said. What, she didn’t display it proudly? Even Sedaris, it seemed, wasn’t that weird. She assured us: “I only pull it out for show and tell.”—Tim Murphy

Amy Sedaris and Justin Theroux Exchange Weird Photos, Old Douche Bags