Anderson Cooper and Ryan Seacrest: Messaging Buddies

In the above video, found for us so cleverly by Soup Cans, you can watch a (shakily filmed) segment of Kathy Griffin’s latest comedy routine. In this portion (click above to view), she reveals that while she was co-hosting a New Year’s Eve Times Square special with Cooper, he spent some time sending gossipy texts about her to none other than one of her favorite targets of ridicule, Ryan Seacrest. Apparently they are text buddies. Which means, and we’re just guessing here, that they’re probably IM buddies, too! So, because it’s Friday, we’ve gone and imagined up what we think is probably an extremely accurate imaginary IM conversation between CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and American Idol (and Super Bowl) host Ryan Seacrest:

OhSayCanYouSeacrest: Whazzzzzzzzzzzzzup
HanginWithMrAnderson: DOoooooooood whasssup
OhSayCanYouSeacrest: whatchoo up to
HanginWithMrAnderson: nothin man getting psyched for the superbowl
OhSayCanYouSeacrest: hell yeah you watchin me?
HanginWithMrAnderson: don’t tell the old ball and chain but I laid $500 on the g-men
OhSayCanYouSeacrest: word go jints
OhSayCanYouSeacrest: tough to stop brady and moss tho
HanginWithMrAnderson: stopping moss won’t be a problem with that pass rush

HanginWithMrAnderson: brady won’t have time to get the bombs off, what we really need to worry about is welker and maroney
OhSayCanYouSeacrest: pierce has been having a sick playoffs against the run
HanginWithMrAnderson: true
OhSayCanYouSeacrest: you think eli’s gonna punk out
HanginWithMrAnderson: nah if he was gonna he probably would’ve been on the road against dallas or GB
OhSayCanYouSeacrest: forreal he’s been pretty good with shockey out, Kevin Boss has filled in nice
HanginWithMrAnderson: yeah, Boss what a diesel name
OhSayCanYouSeacrest: I bet shockey has smoked a frickin quarter bag every day this week
HanginWithMrAnderson: no shit
HanginWithMrAnderson: yeah how freakin awesome would it be to be a richass football player during super bowl week and not even have to play the game
OhSayCanYouSeacrest: totally man he has probably been CRUSHING the poon this week
OhSayCanYouSeacrest: more important question—
OhSayCanYouSeacrest: nachos or wings???
HanginWithMrAnderson: buffalo wings bitch!!!!!
OhSayCanYouSeacrest: mild, medium, hot or barbeque?
HanginWithMrAnderson: are you kidding always go medium otherwise it overpowers the blue cheese dip
HanginWithMrAnderson: ha ha remember that time that we were watching skinemax at travolta’s crib and he tried to eat the wings with a fork and knife
OhSayCanYouSeacrest: that was funny as SHIT
OhSayCanYouSeacrest: there’s something kinda off about him

Written by Ben Mathis-Lilley, with a thanks to The Dugout

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Anderson Cooper and Ryan Seacrest: Messaging Buddies