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Ann Coulter Is the Britney Spears of Politics

Even though we do keep Fox News on all day (no, really), we missed the moment yesterday when Ann Coulter endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. directed our attention to it. “If you’re looking at substance rather than whether there’s an ‘R’ or ‘D’ after his name, manifestly if he’s our candidate, then Hillary’s going to be our girl,” the Coultergeist explained on Hannity & Colmes. “She’s more conservative than he is, she is going to be stronger than he is on terrorism.” Click above to view the clip. The conservative comedienne went on to say that she would campaign for Hillary if McCain was the Republican nominee. Coulter based her arguments on the fact that McCain is bad for the GOP, and that Hillary “lies less” and “is smarter” than he is. “She isn’t going to be a weak woman” and pull the troops out of Iraq, either, Coulter argued. “I’m a Hillary Girl now!”

We’re just going to say it: Ann Coulter is to political commentary what Britney Spears is to celebrity culture. Remember when Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant and was the focus of all attention for a couple of days? Britney got upset that she was out of the news for a few days, filled herself up with booze and pills, stole her children for a night, and had to be rushed to the hospital.

And then Heath Ledger died and took away the attention again for a week, so she really went for it and broke international crazy records for a few days — until someone finally had to lock her up in a mental institution. That’s Ann Coulter, albeit on a much more minor, only slightly less child-threatening way. She has to do something bigger and more ridiculous each time in order to stay in the headlines. For a while, after Elizabeth Edwards embarrassed her with a confrontation on live television (a feat which previously not even 9/11 widows were able to do), she laid low. But then Edwards dropped out of the race again, and Coulter was free to pull publicity stunts again. We’ve been talking too much about Hillary and Obama, and race and gender! Fuck that, what about Ann?! So here we are: She’s endorsing Hillary and bashing a war hero. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the year will bring! Maybe Ann will gay propose to Peggy Noonan!

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Ann Coulter Is the Britney Spears of Politics