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A-Rod Also Finds Andy Adorable!

Andy Pettitte Alex Rodriguez

We know where we’d like to be in this picture.Photo: AP

Looks like Yankee pitcher Andy Pettitte has a new big brother on the team. After the Mitchell Report was released and Andy Pettitte claimed that he and Roger Clemens both used performance-enhancing drugs (a claim Clemens very publicly denies), the media made much over the former “bromance” between the two. Since they were both from Texas and frequently trained together, it was easy to assume that they had a close mentor-protégé relationship. It added a dramatic detail to the steroid mess. Since that’s clearly been shot in the ass (HA!), it looks like the media is ready to assign Pettitte another bromantic entanglement. The Daily News says they have a “strange love” today:

If I had a daughter, I would want her to marry Andy Pettitte,” Rodriguez told reporters. “That’s the biggest compliment I could give. The age difference might be a little awkward, but in today’s day and age anything is possible,” he said to laughter.

The Post quoted Rodriguez as calling Pettitte “one of the greatest human beings I’ve ever met,” and pictures of the pair hugging joyfully appeared in papers and blogs all over. What can we say? The sports press loves a good bruv story!

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A-Rod Also Finds Andy Adorable!