Bloomie and McCain: A Ticket Made in Independent Heaven?

Mike Bloomberg

Photo: Getty Images

John McCain may or may not ask Mike Bloomberg to be his running mate. Harvey Weinstein belted out “New York, New York” at his daughter’s 10th-birthday party at Spotlight Live. Recently married Vogue editor and socialite Lauren Davis wants to find a “gestational carrier” for her baby. First daughter Barbara Bush watched the Giants win at the Village Pourhouse with 40 friends. Josh Hartnett went to Freemans and the Beatrice Inn on Thursday, while Helena Christensen just went to Freemans. Andy Samberg went to BAM to watch harpist girlfriend Joanna Newsome perform.

Lindsay Lohan is writing a book about her life and battle with addiction for Simon & Schuster. Veronica Hearst’s 52-room mansion in Palm Beach is being foreclosed. Mariah Carey declined to don a fake nose for Tennessee because she was afraid she looked too ugly. SportsNet New York reporter and hot blonde Julie Donaldson is ditching the network for Boston’s NBC affiliate. Former Hills star Kristen Cavallari made out with Brody Jenner at a Maxim Super Bowl party in order to make current Hills star Lauren Conrad jealous. Kevin Connolly offered to cook Hills star Audrina Patridge dinner at her apartment but was shot down. 50 Cent says that hanging out with Righteous Kill co-star Robert De Niro helps him relax, because De Niro is so famous he makes Fiddy feel normal. Former supermodel Jerry Hall is now a “Global Ambassador” for Levitra. Kim Kardashian’s former stylist is suing her client for racking up $120,000 in charges on her American Express card. Patrick Swayze checked into the hospital for a “serious gastro-intestinal” procedure,” but has been released and is now home. Kirstie Alley is just as crazy a Scientologist as Tom Cruise. Michael Jackson will appear onstage during a Thriller revue at the Grammys, but he won’t perform. Colin Farrell “alternately ashed into and sipped from a cup of water on the table in front of him” during an interview. “Obama Girl” Amber Lee is performing at the Bowery Poetry Club tonight. Thirteen-year-old Atonement actress Saoirse Ronan prefers living at home in Ireland over Los Angeles. J.K. Rowling said that breaking up with Harry Potter was harder than breaking up with any man.

Bloomie and McCain: A Ticket Made in Independent Heaven?