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Chelsea Clinton: Secret Weapon or Weapon of Mass Destruction?

Chelsea Clinton

Don’t touch me, mom! I’m nuclear!Photo Illustration: Everett Bogue; Photo: Getty Images

Right around the New Hampshire primary, the notoriously private Chelsea Clinton took a leave of absence from her job at Avenue Capital and started making appearances on behalf of her mother. Since South Carolina, the girl Maureen Dowd once dubbed “mute Chelsea” has spoken to voters in more than twenty states about her mother, whom she called “the closest person to her heart” in a speech on Monday. But The Wall Street Journal is not convinced that her heart has anything to do with it. Her sudden presence, they say today, is a tactical maneuver: Twenty-seven-year-old Chelsea is merely a “weapon” team Hillary deployed in an eleventh-hour attempt to take back youth and female voters from that handsome and charismatic Obama. “Campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle and other top campaign officials have called on Ms. Clinton, 27 years old, to…help her mother soften her image,” the Journal alleges. But does a candidate looking to soften her image really need to unleash a force that is…mean to little girls?

On a campaign stop in Iowa in December, a 9-year-old student reporter for Scholastic News asked Ms. Clinton if she thought her father would make a good “first man.”

We’re no military strategist, but we think that’s called “friendly fire.”

Clinton Taps Unexpected Weapon: Chelsea [WSJ]
Update: Chelsea, apparently, was also unleashed upon the ladies of The View. Aw, now that’s love.

Chelsea Clinton: Secret Weapon or Weapon of Mass Destruction?