Breaking: Construction Workers Return to Trump Soho

Trump Soho

We’ve got documented port-a-potty usage, people. Photo: Everett Bogue

Construction workers have returned to Trump Soho, a little over a month after DiFama Concrete worker Yurly Vanschytskyy fell 40 stories to his death off the building, after a wooden mold in which he was tamping down concrete collapsed. According to Newsday, the Department of Buildings is allowing Bovis, the contractor overseeing the project, to work on the first 23 floors, provided Bovis employ a full-time safety manager, train their workers better, and swaddle the upper floors of the building in scaffolding and netting. Donald Trump has never made a statement regarding the accident.

Work resumes on lower floors of Trump SoHo condo after fatal fall [Newsday]
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Breaking: Construction Workers Return to Trump Soho