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Is the STU (Special Tabloid Unit ) After ‘In Touch’?


Photo: Courtesy of FX

Is it true? Complex magazine, of all places, is reporting that the FBI is investigating New Jersey–based tabloid In Touch and its Bauer Publishing brethren for pay-for-play placement on its covers. “They tapped the phones at In Touch,” a source told Complex. Bauer begs to differ: “This whole story sounds ludicrous,” the company told Jossip. Well, we thought Brad Pitt leaving Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie sounded ludicrous, too, but then that turned out to be true! The spokesperson clarified: “In Touch has not been contacted by the FBI.” Could it be that this is all just a buzz campaign to get us really excited about the March 2 premiere of the second season of Courteney Cox’s crap-tacular show Dirt? Because if it is, it totally worked.

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Is the STU (Special Tabloid Unit ) After ‘In Touch’?