Elle Macpherson and Vito Schnabel Are Dating?!?!

Elle Macpherson

When this picture was taken,
Vito Schnabel was 4 years old.Photo: WireImage

Jermaine Dupri ate French-toast sticks at a Burger King in La Guardia Airport. Forty-four-year-old Elle Macpherson is dating 21-year-old art dealer Vito Schnabel. CNBC has supposedly hired a new stylist to sex up the network’s on-air anchorbabes. Super Bowl winner Antonio Pierce refused a lap dance at Tens the other night to focus on the game. (It clearly worked!) Pedro Martinez became “visibly upset” after being told he’d have to wait for a table at Prime 112 in Miami (particularly because Star Jones came in and was seated right away).

Britney Spears’s grandfather June Austin Spears says Lynne Spears is in denial about daughter Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy. A drunk partygoer almost damaged a $10,000 sculpture at the Elle Decor party by twirling it around in one hand and holding a glass of wine in the other. Fat Joe thinks 50 Cent is a coward because he didn’t fight Ja Rule and never retaliated against any of the people who shot him. The guy who provoked James Gandolfini into attacking him has been similarly aggressive with a lot of other celebrities. A bunch of models were singed by the “faulty lighting” designer Marc Bouwer used for a shoot. Onetime Jann Wenner flame Neal Boulton is back with his wife, Claire. Heidi Klum says that the models on Germany’s Next Top Model are much racier. Despite the New York Post’s withering indictment of Hillary Clinton in the paper’s endorsement of Barack Obama, Rupert Murdoch has actually donated money to Clinton. Cameron Diaz got into a dance-off with a male reveler at Socialista and even gave him her phone number. Virgie Arthur, Anna Nicole Smith’s long-estranged grandmother, tried to sell photos of her at her grandson’s funeral to Entertainment Tonight. Brooke Shields says she identifies with her character on Lipstick Jungle. Johnny Depp may be Heath Ledger’s replacement in Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

Elle Macpherson and Vito Schnabel Are Dating?!?!