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Ellen Page Keeps Doing This Thing With Her Arm


Photo: WireImage (2), Getty Images

Now, we like Ellen Page as much as everyone else. She was super-cute in Juno and we even concede she is probably doable even though we’re a gay and a chick who’s not into that. But there’s this thing she’s been doing that bugs us. This thing with her arm. It’s kind of like a variation on the standard red-carpet pose — hand on hip, shoulders back — that one does to make one’s arm look thin, only Ellen does it in this really extreme way. It’s almost as though she is about to bust into the Funky Chicken, but with only one-half of her body. As you can see from the above photo, the arm has moved further and further back as she has progressively become more famous, until it is now almost almost perpendicular to her body. We’re starting to become quite concerned, not just because if this continues Ellen might actually dislocate her shoulder, but because the pose kind of screams, “I’m a red carpet novice! And also probably weird about my weight!” and you know, we just don’t want her to go all Jennifer Hudson on us and win an Oscar and only pop up again playing a bit part.

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Ellen Page Keeps Doing This Thing With Her Arm