For ‘Lipstick Jungle’ Star, Life Imitates Art

Lindsay Price

Photo: Getty Images

Lipstick Jungle actress Lindsay Price met LSV Advisors’ David Tisch at the Cynthia Rowley show last week, and they’ve been dating since. Scarlett Johansson refused to talk to an Us Weekly reporter because of the plastic-surgery cover they did of her. Bruce Willis hung out with Victoria’s Secret model Emma Heming at Marquee for Lauren Kucerak’s birthday party, where he tipped $100 a drink. Justin Timberlake was spotted shopping at Tiffany & Co. Natalie Portman showed up 45 minutes late to a vegan-shoe launch she was doing in Soho and only answered questions for five minutes.

Britney Spears has sought out California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger because she feels her civil rights have repeatedly been violated. Attention, men: Karolina Kurkova is single, and she wants to go bungee jumping. Oscar De La Hoya is being sued by the woman who took pictures of him cross-dressing because he accused her of doctoring the photos. (She didn’t.) Nicole Kidman is set to play Valerie Plame in an upcoming Doug Liman flick. Hong Kong film star Edison Chen is embroiled in a sex scandal involving many of the territory’s most popular starlets. The Association for Neurologically Impaired Brain-Injured Children is mad at Discovery magazine for supposedly flaking out on a deal for free ads. John Leguizamo won a Latin mag’s award for Bad Acting (the award was also named after him). Steven Spielberg will no longer be the artistic director of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, perhaps because of Mia Farrow’s shaming of him on “Page Six.” Convicted gun possessor Prodigy has been granted a one-week reprieve from showing up to prison because of complications arising from his sickle-cell anemia. Dennis Miller’s sports talk show on Versus is on the brink of cancellation. Sports Illustrated model Meghan White caught heat at a party for the mag’s swimsuit edition because she is a New England Patriots cheerleader. Shaniqua Tomkins, 50 Cent’s baby mama, will received $6,700 a month in child support, despite asking for $50,000. Christina Aguilera is really into her new baby son, Max. Pete Doherty played a girl’s birthday party for $200 bucks. Pauly Shore will be at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas today presiding over weddings with Mario Lopez. Abigail Breslin ate with her parents at Palm West. After her most recent hospital confinement, Britney Spears ordered coconut-chocolate cake and a grilled cheese sandwich from the Beverly Hills Hotel.

For ‘Lipstick Jungle’ Star, Life Imitates Art