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Snoop Dogg Briefly Erases the Word ‘Bitch’ From His Vocabulary

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg doesn’t know your life, bitch.Photo: Getty Images

Has chronic curser Snoop Dogg reformed his dirty language? At Monday’s Hip-Hop Summit Action Network awards gala at Capitale, honoree Snoop Dogg repented for some of the harsh language he’s used against women in his songs. “I’m not trying to do anything to offend nobody, but y’all’ve got to understand, I’m from the East Side,” he said. “I worked hard to become a man on my own. My mother showed me how, but she couldn’t really teach me how to become a man. My father wasn’t there. I never knocked him for that. But the playas that I learnt from, they taught me the wrong way. 

They taught me to call a woman a whore, a bitch. So that was what I was taught. It wasn’t until once I got older and got married and had a daughter and had kids and
started to realize that now my music is starting to swing in a different direction, because I understand that I was wrongfully taught.” Inspiring words! A cameraman didn’t believe his ears when he heard the news, so he later asked Snoop himself to confirm. Has he indeed given up the word “bitch”? “I’m not gonna answer you,” the rapper cracked. “Bitch-ass fuck.” —Jada Yuan

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Snoop Dogg Briefly Erases the Word ‘Bitch’ From His Vocabulary