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Hathaello Checks Out Miss Sixty


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•Lela Rose thinks she’s still in the running to design Jenna Bush’s wedding dress, despite a first family visit to Oscar de la Renta last week. [NYDN]
•Anne Hathaway totally lied when she said she wouldn’t be attending any fashion shows this week. She and Raffaello Follieri were at Miss Sixty. [The Cut]
• Sheryl Crow enters the fashion arena, with an affordable denim line by the same people who make Victoria Beckham’s dVb line. [WWD]

• Google came out of its corner fighting this weekend to block Microsoft’s proposed $44.6 billion takeover of Yahoo. In a posting on Google’s official blog, the company’s lawyer Dave Drummond wrote some not-so-nice stuff about the PC giant’s “unfair practices” and potential future monopoly over the Internet. [Financial Times]
• Soc Gen’s trading scandal woes are far from over. The French government has proposed stricter risk controls over the bank in an effort to thwart future Jerome Kerviel wannabes. [Reuters]

• “It’s Martin and Hank and King Lear in reverse,” former U.N. ambassador and A.I.G. board member Richard Holbrooke says of the simmering tension between A.I.G. CEO Martin Sullivan and his former mentor, Hank Greenberg, who was ousted three years ago. “Come up with anything Shakespearean or Greek that you want, and it will fit.” [NYT]
• In case you missed it, the Giants won the Super Bowl 17-14 last night. Go Big Blue! But the other winner was advertiser Anheuser Busch, which shelled out an average of $2.7 million per 30-second spot, to bring football fans a Dalmatian-trained Clydesdale in a Rocky send-up and Will Ferrell being, well, Will Ferrell. [CNN/Money]
• Word over the weekend is that the writers’ strike may be over very soon. Here’s hoping it’s in time for a picket-less Oscars. [NYT]
• Real estate magnate-come-newspaper-mogul Sam Zell dropped the F-bomb on one of his journalists in a meeting with Orlando Sentinel staff on Thursday. Apparently, Zell was offended by the journo’s lack of love for puppies over hard-hitting news. [Gawker]

• The Wilmington News Journal breaks down the legal battle between Barry Diller and John Malone for IAC. “It’s going to get worse before it gets better,” Natixis Bleichroeder analyst Jeffrey Shelton says. Wilmington News-Journal]
•Talk about no country for old men. Next year this time, six of the nine U.S. Supreme Court justices will be over 70, priming the pump for the new president-elect to make some big (or perhaps, not-so-big) changes. [WSJ]
•The IRS couldn’t quite sink its teeth into Blade actor Wesley Snipes; he was acquitted of charges of tax fraud and conspiracy but found guilty of the lesser charges of failing to file a tax return on Friday.[]

Hathaello Checks Out Miss Sixty