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How Are We Going to Cover This Cab-Baby Story?


The unusually generous tip was left to a Queens cab driver.Photo: Photo:

Amira: Do you have any good angles for this cab-baby story?

Catucci: That’s tough. You can be funny, but you don’t want to go overboard. There’s a million and one tasteless jokes to make.

Amira: Haha, yeah, I know.

Amira: I mean, the baby’s probably better off. The dad doesn’t really seem like a stand-up guy.

Catucci: You could go the heartwarming route, like here’s something for the city to rally around.

Catucci: When was the last time there was a story like this to capture our imagination? Baby Jessica had a well; we have this girl in a livery cab. Or something.

Amira: Yeah, that could work.

Catucci: It’s a sign of the new New York.

Amira: It’s a little strange that Commissioner Kelly is surprised that nobody recognized this baby. I mean, how many babies do you know?

Catucci: Babies all look same. (Wait … now that I look at the photo again, that’s my baby!)

Amira: Exactly. It’s like saying, “Whose Chihuahua is this?”

How Are We Going to Cover This Cab-Baby Story?