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KRS-One Freestyles for Obama

At last night’s launch party for the Smirnoff Signature Mix Series, we asked rapper KRS-One how he felt about some people’s assumption that the black vote will go for Senator Obama in the presidential election. The hip-hopper has appointed himself of a spokesman for black culture in the past, most notably when he drew ire in 2004 for saying he “cheered when 9/11 happened.” “People should assume [blacks will vote for Obama],” he told us. “And people should assume that KRS-One will vote for Obama … For those of us who preach Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, are those who have dreamed of a day of a black president or an African-American president.” He was careful to add: “If Obama gets in, it’s not like he is going to do anything different. But at least if he gets in, at least we get a chance at the steering wheel.” We asked KRS if he would care to take a moment, then, and freestyle about his candidate. He obliged:

I don’t know where this is goin’
But KRS-One is right now freestyle flowin’
Me, I’m not into votin’
All that wishin’, beggin, and hopin’
Me, I get open
Let me tell you Obama’s not a token

I think this brother comes from Dr. King
And everything Dr. King sings
Even Malcolm X
You want change? A black man is coming up next
Oh man, Obama
You gotta
Find out what’s happenin’
Without putting a comma
On the truth
Listen to hip-hop’s youth

Shira Levine

KRS-One Freestyles for Obama