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Mark Ronson, Best British Male at Brit Awards


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Lifelong New Yorker Mark Ronson was given an award for Best British Male last night at the Brit Awards in London. “I’ve never felt so British or male before in my life,” Ronson said in his fake British “Mid-Atlantic” accent after being presented the award by fellow American person Beth Ditto. “I didn’t think my chances were great.” We didn’t either, because Mark Ronson is not actually British. But what’s really weird is not the D.J.-producer’s apparent identity crisis but the fact that the normally skeptical Brits are accepting him as one of their own. Why?, we wonder. We don’t suspect for a minute that they are fooled by his ridiculous accent. What’s next? Is Gwyneth going to get a BAFTA? Will Madonna get knighted? Is this all part of some new attempt to take back the colonies? Don’t even try it, limeys. Daily Intel will never be swayed. Unless of course you are offering pounds…

Mark Ronson Wins Best British Male at the Brit Awards [NME]
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Mark Ronson, Best British Male at Brit Awards