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Mark Ronson Is British, by the Way


You can tell by his hair and his Jarvis-inspired suit. Photo: Getty Images

So, People just told us that Grammy-winning Amy Winehouse producer Mark Ronson will be getting his U.S. citizenship in time for the upcoming election. Naturally our first thought on this was, Thank God. Because Mark Ronson’s vote is really important. But then we were like, Wait, what? Mark Ronson isn’t American? Has not the son of New York socialite Ann Dexter-Jones and stepson of Foreigner’s Mick Jones, the brother of Charlotte and Samantha, lived in New York for basically the entire time we’ve been alive? Didn’t he go Vassar? Wasn’t he just at the Beatrice Inn? We checked: Yes, yes, and yes.

Apparently Mark was born in Britain, and he has a place in London where he sometimes lives. The papers there refer to him as British! Weird, right? Because doesn’t it seem like he’s always here? Apparently not. Apparently he is searching for his roots or something. According to Yahoo Music News, Ronson is “desperate to be accepted as British,” and he’s been running all over Old Blighty saying so. “Despite living in New York, I’ve always been British,” he told the Daily Star, which takes note of his “dodgy transatlantic accent.” We don’t know about you, but we find this whole thing very eerie and uncomfortable. It’s like finding out that the guy you’ve been seeing has a wife and children and goes by another name. Sort of. We imagine. Anyway, we can’t imagine Ronson’s Anglophile phase will last for long. As Lily Allen told New York last year, “He gets bored quite easily.”

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Mark Ronson Is British, by the Way