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Matthew Fox Has Got a Fever, and the Only Prescription Is More Cow Balls!

Matthew Fox

Now that’s a cow-ball-eating grin.Photo: Getty Images

During our extensive research in preparation for the premiere of the new thriller Vantage Point, we observed that Matthew Fox, the not-bad-to-look-at star of Lost, grew up on a horse ranch in Wyoming. We kept this in mind as we prepared to interview Vantage’s stars on the big night, thoughtfully studying our list of questions, prioritizing some and eliminating others (probably there would be technical difficulties involved in asking Mr. Fox to remove his shirt, for instance). By the time Matthew, who we will always remember as Charlie on Party of Five, reached us on the red carpet, he was overwhelmed by reporters with tape recorders. They all were assaulting him with questions about his role as a Secret Service agent. At a lull, we took a deep breath and jumped in with the number-one question on our finely honed list.

New York: Mr. Fox, you grew up on a horse farm?
Fox: On a ranch, yes. [Ed: Hey, we live in the city. We think every farmer has a “dell.”]
New York: Then you must have eaten Rocky Mountain Oysters. [The reporters around us look perplexed. Why didn’t we want to know what his summer plans were?]
Fox: [Grinning slightly] Yes, I have. They were very good.

Victory! Another celebrity admits to eating bovine testicles! —Bennett Marcus

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Matthew Fox Has Got a Fever, and the Only Prescription Is More Cow Balls!