Maureen Dowd Knows What Michelle Obama Looks Like, Okay?


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Maureen Dowd says she did not mistake a Times of London columnist for Michelle Obama. Ted Kennedy may or may not have had Graydon Carter spike a story about an illegitimate child of JFK. Tommy Hilfiger is getting married to former model Dee Ocleppo. Rosie O’Donnell stopped drinking because she was getting too fat. Jerry Seinfeld said he’s not going to return to TV because he’s “old, rich, and tired.”

Amy Winehouse still doesn’t have a visa for the Grammys. Alex Rodriguez bought two multi-million-dollar apartments in Hoboken. Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s widow, Icelene Jones, wants unauthorized companies to stop selling clothing adorned with her late husband’s mug. Hillary Clinton may or may not have gotten a haircut by Los Angeles stylist Laurent, who also does the hair of the The Girls Next Door. What can he say? He’s back: Jay-Z has been talking with Warner Music about starting his own label. Former NBA star Charles Barkley wants to run for governor of Alabama, but doesn’t want any help from Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. Alex Von Furstenberg, 38, is set to marry Ali Kay, 24. Eli Manning joked to Letterman that Bill Belichick left the Super Bowl early to beat traffic. (Eli and some teammates also got a standing ovation at Nobu.) Brody Jenner’s entourage waits on him “like a pack of well-trained dogs.” Karolina Kurkova just landed a role in the upcoming G.I. Joe movie. John Legend is performing a concert today on a Delta flight to L.A. Matthew McConaughey and his pregnant girlfriend ate at the Waverly Inn with David Zinczenko. Cindy Adams claims that Barack Obama promised John Kerry the secretary of State job in exchange for his support. Eva Longoria may or may not be pregnant. Liz Smith doesn’t know who anyone in the Vanity Fair Hollywood issue is.

Maureen Dowd Knows What Michelle Obama Looks Like, Okay?