Melania Is Getting a Wild(enstein) Look in Her Eye

Melania Trump Jocelyn Wildenstein

Left: Melania Trump yesterday at the tents. Right: Jocelyn Wildenstein.Photo: Getty Images, WireImage

We’ve always sort of thought that Melania and Donald Trump looked like one another. Not in their facial structure, per say, but they both do this Sports Illustrated–swimsuit-model pose for pictures, where they squint their eyes and open their mouths a little bit. It’s like they just burped during sex and are trying to blow it away or something, without ruining the moment. But now we’re sad to say that Melania is beginning to look a little bit more like someone else these days. Granted Melania is still stunningly beautiful and has a long way to go before people start calling her a “cat woman.” But there’s definitely something going on with her eyes there that is beginning to look a bit too familiar.

Day Six at the Tents

Melania Is Getting a Wild(enstein) Look in Her Eye