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Former ‘Metro’ Publisher Daniel Magnus Alleges Abuse by Swedes



Daniel Magnus, the recently laid-off publisher of Metro New York, is suing his former employer, Metro International, for severance pay and bonuses he says the Swedish company has reneged on paying him. The back wages and bonuses he says he’s owed add up to something like $400,000. The company says he shouldn’t get it because he was actually being fired for cause, and basically it’s all a pretty standard pissy-about-being-fired thing. Except then it gets weird. “At the heart of the dispute,” the Post tells us today, is the Metro slogan, “All of the News in Less of the Time.” According to Magnus, he did not authorize the slogan, but was “pressured to backdate and falsely sign” a document saying that he had. For this, he is apparently asking for damages of $117 million. What? Was this translated from the Swedish? Did something terrible and untoward happen, and Magnus was pressured and tortured by H&M-clad ruffians bearing Allen wrenches? Or is Magnus just suing his bosses because they pushed through a slogan that he didn’t like, and he fears that an association with said slogan will harm his future professional prospects? Cause, like, it’s not even that bad of a slogan. Kind of catchy, actually.


Former ‘Metro’ Publisher Daniel Magnus Alleges Abuse by Swedes