Nick Lachey and JCPenney Do Not Mix, Even If Paid to Do So

Nick Lachey

Photo: Getty Images

Nick Lachey threw a hissy fit at a JCPenney party on Hudson Street, despite the fact that he was being paid to be there. Michael Strahan says he loves girlfriend Nicole Murphy, but isn’t sure about marriage. Execs at Sony are annoyed that Michael Jackson’s Thriller 25 is on the Billboard oldies’ chart instead of the Billboard Top 200 chart, despite the fact that it has six new songs. Nelly picked up the coat-check girl at Plumm. Outkast’s André 3000 is looking for an apartment in the city and just toured a multi-million-dollar penthouse on West 13th Street. Justin Timberlake gave menu recommendations to patrons at his Southern Hospitality.

Liz Hurley is being accused of paying her Indian maid just $2.33 an hour for 70 hours a week. Lost star Marsha Thomason started yelling at Victoria Gotti because she was wearing a waist-length fur coat. Janet Jackson is set to marry Jermaine Dupri and has been shopping for a wedding dress. Patrick van der Eem, the guy who befriended Natalee Holloway slayer Jordan van der Sloot and got him to admit to dumping the body, is peddling a book. Minnie Driver is definitely pregnant, though she won’t confirm it. Quarterback Tim Hasselbeck doesn’t like to go for walks with wife Elisabeth Hasselbeck, because his head hurts from playing football. Tate Donovan and his 26-year-old assistant-stylist wife are getting a divorce. Spencer Pratt is trying to pitch a show about his life with Heidi Montag, but not to MTV. Jimmy Choo empress Tamara Mellon has moved in with boyfriend Christian Slater. Former NBC News hottie Arthur Kent is annoyed that clips of his were used in NBC Universal’s Charlie Wilson’s War without his approval. Andy Garcia is worried that Fidel Castro’s brother will be just as terrible a dictator as Fidel was. Rosie O’Donnell blogged that Britney Spears’s manager was a “bad guy all around.” Paris Hilton flipped through gossip rags for stories about herself while at a steakhouse with her sister in Vegas. Cindy Adams offers up the Academy Awards’ seating arrangement (Clooney, Javier, Nicole, Depp, Forest, and Cate all in the front row!). Liz Smith is worried about what Ellen Page will do if she wins an Oscar at such a young age.

Nick Lachey and JCPenney Do Not Mix, Even If Paid to Do So