PETA Causes a Ruckus in the House of Donna Karan

Donna Karan

Photo: Getty Images

A PETA protester accosted designer Donna Karan inside her Central Park West apartment after an assistant mistakenly let her in. Kyle MacLachlan and his wife are expecting a child. Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, Demi Moore, and a host of other stars all turned out for Madonna’s Raising Malawi event (Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon did not, however, after learning that the event was sponsored by Gucci). Rachel Zoe came to Fashion Week with eight suitcases, two of which were for accessories. R.E.M. played a series of impromptu shows on the Lower East Side earlier this week.

Kirsten Dunst has checked into the Cirque Lodge rehab facility in Utah because she is “awful with her liquor.” Nicolas Sarkozy’s wedding to Carla Bruni was so hush-hush that he didn’t invite his brother. Cop-slugging former anchorbabe Alycia Lane’s court date has been moved up five weeks to February 25th. An advance copy of Bringing Home the Birkin, a book about Hermès’ famed bag, sold for nearly $1,000 on eBay this week. Former Scores front man Lonnie Hanover is taking his high-end client list to Rick’s Cabaret on West 33rd Street. Tom Cruise biographer Andrew Morton says Cruise’s lawyer told him that if Morton claimed Cruise was gay, he’d be sued. Amy Winehouse is moving into the guesthouse of Ozzy Osbourne’s London estate. Kevin Federline flew first class from New York to LA in a grungy tank top. Former N’Sync-er Joey Fatone celebrated his 31st birthday in the antigravity chamber at the Kennedy Space Center.

PETA Causes a Ruckus in the House of Donna Karan